Deepening intimacy and approaching relationship as a technology for transformation.


For those in relationship who are dedicated to personal growth and profound union through relationship.


Begins March 21


A relationship dojo for

couples committed to growth. 


Your relationship is the most potent vehicle for transformation and self development available to you.


Our purpose is to share a framework that helps people in relationship use any conflict, rupture or disturbance as an access point for deeper connectivity, enhanced intimacy and evolution of Self.


Experience more intimacy and harmony, individually and together as the norm and baseline of your union.


Develop your capacity to be the partner that your love wants, needs, and yearns for while maintaining your power, freedom, and agency.


Move in supportive resonance with a growing network of like-minded people committed to the evolution of union. 

What's Involved

Live Calls

Bi-weekly transmissions, emotional/energetic/relational/psych integration and live coaching with Jef and Fabienne.

Guided Practices

Recorded individual and couples exercises, practices, taps and meditations for deeper intimacy and inner harmony. (Bi-weekly)


An active community space with other couples dedicated to healthy partnership.

Guest Speakers

We have an existing network of high-caliber relationship and sex coaches. So, now you do as well.

Continuous Access to All Material

This includes program content, workshop recordings, guided practices, and discounts on Jef and Fabienne's existing offerings. 

Topics of Exploration

Attachment Styles & Wound Patterns, De-shamified

Polarity, Shadow Work, & Emotional Alchemy

Integrating Primal Energies: Anger, Passion, & Play

 Obstacles: Jealousy, Insecurity, Resentment & Shame

Tend Thyself: Tools & Technologies for Inner Work

Repair & Conflict Resolution

Holding Space & Cultivating Presence

Activating Eros, Desire and Purpose 

Radical Honesty & Communication Templates

Fabienne Annick

is a sex, intimacy, and relationship mentor and coach.

She specializes in men's sexuality and intimacy and supports women in developing healthy sovereignty in relationship.

Mos Jef

is a cognitive repatterning specialist. 

He helps people change their lives by changing the way they think while integrating their emotional landscapes.

Our relationship

We have been in partnership since 2019. Over the course of our relationship we have gone through periods of challenge, doubt, fighting, insecurity.

With so much love for each other and all of our shadow bits coming out to play, we committed to growth and dedicated ourselves to learning, practicing, and developing relationship tools for intimacy and repair.

This effort has brought us into a profound experience of joy and deeply safe intimacy with one another;  we are currently engaged, ridiculously happy and living in the healthiest and most successful relationship either of us has ever known.

Our capacity to show up in this relationship, to all the sticky parts, challenges, and triggers, is our dedication to ourselves and each other; we've hard earned our secure attachment.

The intention of this program is for us to share what we've learned and what has worked for us.


Who is Embrace for?

‚ÄĘPeople in partnership who are devoted to using relationship as a catalyst for deep healing and personal growth.

‚ÄĘCouples who want to¬†improve their skills for repair, conflict, internal alchemy and erotic connection.

‚ÄĘCouples who are struggling to find connection, attraction, and intimacy.

‚ÄĘCouples repeating stuck patterns they can't quite seem to navigagte.


For the price of an average monthly therapy session, receive steady support and accessible tools for six months.