Emergency Break

A guided 15 minute practice for those moments when you feel the urge to watch porn and want to make another choice. 


Take your power back.

Do you ever have those moments...

When you’re on a streak of not watching porn and it feels great...

And then you’re having a hard day, a lonely evening...

And a little voice says, “Let’s just watch some porn and take the edge off.”

And you say "no," but lo and behold, one minute later you find yourself face to face with a large muscle-y dude railing an underage school girl and you think to yourself…
“How the hell am I here again? I thought I’d broken this habit.” And thus begins a downwards spiral of self-shaming, or shutting down, or insecurities, or apathy?

You're not the only one.

This practice is for those moments. 

The intention is to give you another option that will bring you back into your power.

A tool to stretch out that moment of choice.

Something for you to turn on next time you get the idea to turn on porn but really don’t want to. 

When we are pulled to something because we want to feel something, or because we are trying to get away from a feeling, sometimes it can feel beyond our control. 

Like some part of us just does it without thinking and we don’t have a say.

This is super normal.

But the more that we can elongate that moment between when we think of doing the thing and actually doing it, think about watching porn and turn it on, the more choice we have.   

This recording is to help you to come back into sovereign choice and inner power.

Let's Give You What You Truly Need

This could be your ticket out of this pattern.