See What Others Say About Our Work

See What Others Say About Our Work

"After a couple of months of practicing with these tools, I see myself connecting again with myself & also being able to connect with others naturally. Fabienne will dig with you deep & provide you with the tools you need."

 - Ahmed

"After very few sessions, Fabienne was able to dig deep with me & start working on my core issue. She provided me with tools & exercises that I followed & I was amazed by the results."

 - John

"This work has opened the door to demystifying the cloudiness I often associated with understanding the shadow sides to my sexuality. I’ve spent years somewhat confused about my feelings, urges, or emotions around self pleasure, as well as my desires in relation to partners and myself. This course has helped me begin to reshape my relationship to all these feelings and provided me with tools to continue to do so after the it has ended."

- Stephen

"I used to give into my desires of self pleasure and watching porn easily without thinking twice about its effects on the rest of my life. Since doing this course I’ve improved my relationship to these habits, and it’s ultimately given me more power in myself to tackle something that was before in control of me. Beginning to take back that control feels really good. And it’s something I didn’t really know was controlling me until I took the step to really look inward."

 - Todd

Nicolas, Costa Rica

"...Since that traumatic experience my sex life had huge issues. Every time I had an orgasm I felt weird and contracted like I was doing something wrong.

After working with Fabi, everything has changed for me. Every time I have an encounter I don't contract, it doesn't feel weird."


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