Hi You,

I'm Fabienne


I am

a passionate explorer of the inner psyche and the infinite corners of the planet.


I desire for us all to arrive deeply within our own bodies, alive and passionate.


I’m a nerd for entheogenic plants, neuroplasticity, and ancient mystical practices.


I’m all about celebrating the physical form and getting to know our corporeal vessels on a profound level.


Talking about sex makes me feel alive, in love, involved in the magic of these bodies and souls.


I want to talk to you about sex! It aint no thang. And it’s everything. So let’s talk.

My studies and practices of meditation, psychological integration, Tantra, and plant medicines merge and intertwine in a symbiotic dance that shapes my understanding of the world, our bodies, and the power of our sexual energies and ability to love deeply.


A nibble of my story.


I began practicing yoga and exploring prayer work and energetics at age 11, all of which gave me an early glance into what was possible beyond the physical form- what we can do with our bodies and our realities once we start broadening our conditioned understandings of how things work. 


Healthy, balanced relationships have always been of utmost importance in my life and have always been drawn to conversations around sex- even as a child, I knew that this thing that everyone was so excited or scared to talk about must hold deep power and mysterious secrets.


I have spent the past 9 years traveling the world, entranced by the mysteries that lay in the richness of human culture and tradition. My journey brought me deep into the practices of meditation, Hatha and Tantra yoga, Tantric and Taoist sexual practices, sexual trauma release bodywork, sexual alchemy, breath work, and plant medicines, all guiding me more deeply into awareness of myself and greater intimacy with the world around me. 


I am a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I offer one-on-one coaching, group courses, and workshops relating to orgasm, energetics of the body, authentic communication, and how to merge our sexual practice with our spiritual practice. My work rests on my studies of traditional Tantric philosophy, and combines Traditional and Neo-Tantric practices along with modern day therapeutic techniques & neuroscience.

I believe in the potent healing power of pleasure and love, and I have a deep knowing and trust in our ability as humans to nourish our bodies and souls through deep connection and exploration with ourselves and others.

What To Do From Here?

Are you ready to dive in? To explore what's been really going on beneath the surface and repattern your life in healthy, sexy and positive ways? Let's chat. 

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