I'm Ready.


You’re in relationship with the one you want to build a life with.


Or maybe you’re preparing for your next relationship, longing to do it better the next time.


But you’ve seen what happens...


You partner falls in love with a beautifully empowered version of you

Who knows what she wants,

Walks around in her own magic,

Has a mysterious way about her…

But then time goes on and it slowly happens without you even noticing it.

The excitement and polarity fades,

You begin to merge together.

Your ‘ME’ starts to fade into the “WE.”


You begin to realize your friendships, passions, and purpose have all fell to the wayside.

You rely on your partner or they depend on you for emotional support in a way that feels draining and unsexy to you both.

When your partner is in the room, your focus is always on them, even if only subtly. 


You are deep in the vortex of relationship and… you start to lose your spark.

You begin sliding into rhythms that aren’t your natural rhythms and habits that aren’t serving your highest self.  



We don’t have a lot of great role models for healthy sovereignty in relationships.

•We see the “I don’t need a man,” ideology.

•We see the “Twin Flames,” “Best Friend,” “Other Half,” mentality.

•We see the couple who barely knows each other.

•We see the couple that is together 24/7.

But what about a relationship...

where both of you are vibrating with your own life force energy, moving towards your dreams, dancing with your mission…

Side by side.


Both of you supporting each others paths, ways of being, beliefs, values, curiosities.


Both of you supported by the net of friends, space-holders, community, and tools that you have nurtured and cultivated.


You’re genuinely excited to see each other.

You truly respect one another.

You can barely wait to keep getting to know one another.



I didn't used to fully believe this was possible. 

Rewind to 4 years ago when I was splitting up with my last parter. Within that beautiful, loving relationship I had lost touch with myself. I had forgotten to take care of myself and listen to my body. In my admiration and respect for his ideas and perspectives, I let go of my connection to my own.


When we split up I thought that the only way to return to myself was to not be in relationship. A month later I met my current partner and fiancé and while I tried to shrug it off for a minute, I quickly realized I didn’t stand a chance at denying what that mocha skin, brilliant mind, and earthy heart did to me. I was in.


And so thus began my journey of learning to hold my sovereignty while in relationship.

I knew I had no choice.

It was either going to learn to do this right or sabotage myself and the relationship by way of self-abandonment

and goddamnit, I wanted to do it right.


If I wanted to make this work I was going to have to learn how to keep myself whole while in partnership.


So I have spent the past several years in a deep practice of maintaining healthy sovereignty while in the best relationship of my life.


And it’s no coincidence that it’s the best relationship of my life. 

I am more connected to myself than I ever have been.


My physical, mental, emotional, and energetic sovereignty

Around my body, my purpose, my life path, my beliefs…

Allow us to truly meet each other.

Not from a place of “I need you,” but from “I want you.”



This course is a space for you to cultivate a wholistic net of support and inspiration underneath you so you can return to your spark.

Your sense of self.

Your direction and purpose and soul mission.


Sovereign in Love gives you the tools to go deep within so you can show up to your relationship whole, true, and magnetically you.

Full Yes

In this group journey, you will be supported in renewing and retaining your sense of self while in partnership.

Synching up with your own rhythms and habits.

Reconnecting to your power, your pleasure, your spark and the gift that you offer to the world. 

Through self practice, ritual, energetic techniques, shadow work, & development of a support system, you will continue to cultivate, develop, and nurture your relationship & lovership with yourself, bringing you to confidence, solidity, connection… and the capacity to meet your partner in sexy and fulfilling ways.

Fall in love with yourself and watch as your life and relationships unfold with beauty, magnetism, and aliveness.

1. Personal Praxis & Energetics of Sovereignty

2. Find Your Healthy Boundaries

3. Weaving Your Net

4. Anchor Your Attachment 

5. Owning Your Shadow

6. The Gift That You Are

7. Honoring Your Truth

8. Meeting as Two Wholes


Recorded lessons

To give context and deepen understandings of the practices behind maintaining sovereignty while in relationship

Guided morning practices:

To come back to self, maintain energetic hygiene, and anchor in the practice of sovereignty

Ritual practices for subconscious exploration

Practices designed to help you deepen into and embody the concept of each module 

Journal Prompts

I'm Ready

I'm Fabienne.



I'm a mentor, educator, and guide in the realm of sex and relationships through the practice of self-mastery and self-intimacy.

I feel deep joy and connection to myself when I'm singing, walking amongst the trees, absolutely squished by a pile of my dearest friends, and cooking for those I love (including myself.)

I believe that mastery of self is key to incredible, fulfilling sex and relationships and overall life and that the best way to do this is through self-practice and exploration of the body, emotions, and psyche in a patient and loving way. 

I'm trained in the VITA method through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, EFT though the Sophia School of Living Arts, and Shadow Integration through The Sanctum. 

I want to see you. Please show me.


This incredible class has become a new way of living--a more connected, energetic, healthy and pleasurable way of living.  I recommend it to anyone who is willing to put effort into getting the most out of their life.


The community of gentle humans that Fabienne brought together for this program inspired a unique sense of responsibility in me that I rarely feel otherwise. I was able to harness this, show up for myself, and observe real transformation.


After participating in this program, I experience my sexuality in deeper and more meaningful ways that have drawn me closer to my sense of self than ever before. 

I think everyone could benefit from this course in some way or another, whether you’ve done some of this work in the past or not, have a partner, or are single. Fabienne is excellent at holding a safe, grounded, playful, and informative space. I found this course to help me better understand and work with my fears, desires, impulses, and other feelings both with myself and partners.


I have joined a number of programs before meeting Fabienne. With every program I  learned a bit without really solving my core issue. When I started working with Fabienne I was at a difficult phase in my life, where I was lost within myself, finding it hard to connect with me & those  around me. After very few sessions, Fabienne was able to dig deep with me & start working on my core issue. She provided me with tools & exercises that I followed & I was amazed by the results. 


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