For Men

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There is a global wave of men learning to master their sexual energy...


My work is dedicated to the men listening to that call.


The men who know there’s something deeper to sex.

Who know that how you show up in bed is how you show up in life & vise versa.

Who want to better understand themselves and what drives them.

Who want to better understand their lovers and how to meet them, please them, and feel them more deeply.

"Fabienne has this way of being able to see the best part of any man, and being able to speak directly to it. Men not only feel truly seen in her presence; they also see themselves for the first time."

All of my courses are practice based and invite you to peer below the surface into your inner world. The balance of information and practices allow you to embody the teachings, concepts, and techniques in a life changing way. 

For Men

Sexual Self Mastery

A 12 week intensive for men on Erotic Artistry & Embodied Technique

Begins February 10, 2023

Enrollment is open

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For Men.. for now!

The Art of Dating

How to date with purpose and magnetize the partner and relationship(s) that you want.

Enrollment opens March 2023

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For women

Sovereign in Love

An eight-week journey into embodying healthy spaciousness and self-devotion in relationship.

For women who are ready to make empowered and powerful shifts. 

The journey begins April 2023 

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I'm a firm believer in only teaching things that I have personally experienced, witnessed, or experimented with. These courses are informational but primarily based on practices. In order to embody, we must experience first hand within our entire being.

I'm here to share practices, guidance, and structure for your own transformational and deepening journey. You know yourself best and I am here to support with the tools and teachings that I have embodied. 

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I envision a world where men...

•Experience deep connection to themselves as sexual beings and as men.


•Are free from the confines of “sexual performance,” and have a beautiful, healthy relationship to their cocks based in reverence and respect.


•Allow their integrated relationship to their cock guide them towards the desires and the path that aligns most deeply with who they are. 


•Make love, fuck, date, show up in partnership from a place of deep knowing and exploration of their true selves and authentic expression.


•Can access raw, primal expression while also connected to presence, love & safety.