I've taught hundreds of men to upgrade their sex lives.

This training is a critical centerpiece of mastering the art. Learning to edge and move energy through your body opens the door to the depth of your potential.

Learn the Critical Skills for Male Sexual Mastery.

Edging is a sexual technique that involves moving towards the brink of orgasm and then deliberately stopping just before the point of no return.

Surfing the waves of pleasure, riding the edge of climax, and then backing off to let the anticipation build again. 

Edging allows for the exploration of the sensations of sexual arousal without rushing to the finish line, allowing for not only a deeply intensified physical and emotional experience, but also an ability to control and master your level of arousal.

But edging alone isn't enough to develop sexual mastery.

Once you've built up this energy, it's important to know what to do with it. How to move it through your body. 

In this training you'll edge alongside several other practices to help you move the arousal through your system, allowing you to last longer, "perform" better, and move towards non-ejaculatory orgasms. 

Why should I edge?

To take your power back. Edging helps you to have more control over your sexual energy so it doesn’t control you. 

Improved sexual confidence. By mastering the art of edging, you develop greater self-control and confidence.

•Longer-lasting sex. By developing greater control over your sexual responses you can delay ejaculation and increase your capacity for intense arousal.

Harder erections. Edging increases blood flow for stronger, more sustained erection. 

Intensified pleasure. Edging brings you to more intense and satisfying pleasure and is a key step in learning to have non-ejaculatory and full-bodied orgasms. 

Presence & self-awareness. Edging requires you to be fully present and attuned to your bodies and sensations, bringing mindfulness and self-awareness both in and outside the bedroom.

What's in the training ?


•Video lessons on the concpets of edging and energy circulation
•Guided audio practices for edging and energy circulation
•Guided morning practice for setting your energy
•Breathwork, meditations, and other tools for sexual mastery
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